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Heat Mats for Roof Ice Buildup Prevention

There can be little doubt about the destructive effects of ice and snow buildup on the roof in the winter months. An excess of snow accumulation can in fact cause a roof to collapse, and a buildup of ice near the roof’s edge can result in clogged gutters and leaks within the home. This is the reason many homeowners choose to have heat mats and other items installed on their own roofs. This facilitates ice melting and proper draining of all moisture off of the roof surface. Keep reading to discover the great benefits of heat mats (also check out and the ways they can stop your home from sustaining significant damage.

Get Rid of Ice and Snow with Ease

In terms of home heating and cooling, the majority of folks tend to think mostly about the insides of their homes. However, during wintertime, it can really pay to utilize carefully placed heating tools as a means to stop the build up of ice and snow on the roof. A popular choice is to have heat mats placed beneath the surface of the roof to maintain sufficient heat to melt any ice or snow that accumulates over time. Alternatively, some homeowners decide to have cabling run across the roof itself and along their gutter system.

Because it may be necessary to remove shingles in order to have mats of this type installed, the ideal time for their placement is during construction of a new home or during a complete roof replacement. Cabling is simpler to have installed and offer greater flexibility, and it is possible to choose to have gutters lined with it across their entire span so that ice blockage is never an issue. Lots of heat mats available on the market are equipped with sensors that can turn on in an automatic fashion anytime moisture levels and temperatures hit a predetermined point.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Roof Heating Elements

It is possible to handle ice and snow buildup the old fashioned way, by scaling a ladder and eliminating it by hand, though this can be risky as well as physically taxing. To chip away at ice on gutters or the roof may necessitate standing atop a ladder in an unnatural position during extremely inclement weather. This type of activity really does pose a danger of serious harm.Heat Mats

Therefore, many homeowners are coming to the conclusion that the initial outlay required to have heating elements installed is well worth it. The utility expenses incurred by running these devices also seem small in comparison to the inconvenience of more traditional ice and snow removal methods.

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