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When to Know Your Sewer Line Is in Need of a Cleaning and Why

Sewer Line – When to Know It Is in Need of a Cleaning and Why

Just the thought of sewer is disgusting and nasty, it is something no one ever wants to even consider having to deal with. However, if your home has a sewer there is no helping the fact that at some point the line will have to be cleaned out. Raw sewage backup is not only disgusting due to its putrid smell; it is also very unsanitary and something you want to avoid at all costs. Here are a few signs which could indicate it is time for your sewer line to be cleaned out as well as what the reasons behind frequent clogging could be.

Here are the two main warning signs that may indicate the reason behind your slow drain and or bathroom clogging is due to a clogged sewer line.

1. Percolating Bubble in the Toilet as well as Gurgling Sounds Coming from The Drains in The Bathrooms

The great thing is that your bathroom will speak to you, it will give you signs if you are having an issue which may involve getting your sewer line cleaned. You may see bubbles coming up from the toilet or drain, the same areas may also emit gurgling noises. These are not symptoms which accompany any other plumbing or drain issue, only a clogged sewage line.

2. Debris Coming in with The Water in Your Toilet and Bath

When there is a backup in ordinary plumbing lines the water brought back up is clear and does not smell foul. However, if your sewer line is clogged it will be the complete opposite. Gravel, debris, sand and even nasty feces will be brought back up into your toilet or tub. This is a definite sign that your sewer lines must be cleaned.

Here are two of the most common reasons a sewer line becomes clogged.

1. Tree Roots

It is actually possible for tree roots to grow through pipes or even make their way through small crack in the plumbing all the way to the pipes. Getting these out while cleaning a sewer line is quite difficult.Sewer Line

2. Substantially Sized Debris

Large pieces of thick toilet paper, sanitary pads, cloth and other substantially sized items which are flushed down can cause a toilet to become clogged and this clog can accumulate as far out to the sewer ones meaning the lines need to be cleaned as well.

How to Clean a Sewer Line

It is crucial that you are properly dressed if you ever need to work near a sewer line or clean out your sewer line by using a snake. Not only is the job disgusting but it goes without saying that having direct contact with human excrement is not remotely healthy. Us rubber gloves, cover any skin which is exposed, keep your hair pulled back and use eye protection gear.

Generally, in your yard you will find a marked sewer line access port. The cap must be removed, the debris cleared and then you can begin snaking.

As we have mentioned before this is an unsanitary and very dirty job one which you may want done by a professional.

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